The Harrisburg Rotary Foundation is our local foundation. It is a charitable organization and therefore all contributions are tax deductible to donors. All funds received are used to support local service initiatives of the Club. The Foundation is governed by a board of trustees consisting of nine members of the Club, up to three of whom are appointed each successive year by the Chair, who is the immediate past President of the Club. No trustee may serve more than two successive terms. The trustees generally meet quarterly and make their recommendations on charitable activities to the Club Board. The Foundation's funds come largely from club members who are expected to make a minimum annual contribution of $100.00 to support its charitable initiatives each year. The Foundation receives and disburses additional gifts domestically and internationally as designated by the donors.

Club Service:
Offer a brief non-denominational prayer of thanks prior to each regular Rotary meeting.

Two or three person team per meeting.  They receive money from visiting Rotarians and guests prior to each meeting.  Distribute attendance cards to each member of Harrisburg Rotary and welcome all who attend the meeting.  At the beginning of each meeting, announce to the entire club the names of visiting Rotarians and guests.  Periodically, solicit contributions from members for Good News Reporting.

Arranges Club singing as part of the weekly meetings and/or provide musical programs.

The Program Chair, along with selected advisors, is responsible for the selection, recruitment and prepping of the weekly speaker. Working in sync with the goals and objectives of the club president, speakers who bring timely and informative messages to the club on those dates when an outside speaker is needed for the club's meetings are chosen. The goal is to select a true cross section of the community as speakers, choosing from representation of race, gender, professions, issues and public affairs. 

The public relations committee works with Club leadership and each committee chair to determine what activities warrant coverage from District, local, regional and national media.  This is accomplished through news releases, media alerts, photography and/or direct media contact as appropriate.  The public relations committee also submits Club news and member updates for publishing on Club website and through Club social media channels.   

Provides factual and creative information for Rotary Roundup on the meetings, speakers, and fun information on Harrisburg Rotarians.

The purposes of the Membership Committee are:
1. Identifying appropriate classifications for membership
2. Formulating strategies for attracting new members
3. Communicating membership development efforts to the Club at large
4. Develop and implement strategies for retention including mentorship.

The Membership committee will strive to meet two objectives: Know the expectations of our membership and seek strategies and initiatives to allow membership to secure these expectations. These noble objectives are the bedrock of our Club's commitment to growth by our individual members and by the club as a whole.  Retention is a key factor. The purpose of the Corporate Membership sub-committee is as follows:  (1) Identify potential Corporate prospects. (2) Facilitate meeting with prospect. (3) Monitor and assess satisfaction of corporate members. (4) Communicate corporate membership development outcome to Board and club at large.

All new members to the Rotary Club of Harrisburg automatically serve on this committee. New members will learn about the club and its projects, various working committees, meetings, community involvement, etc. and will become immersed in club activities by completing the Red to Blue Badge Program (which effectively helps individuals become an involved and purposeful Rotarian). Each year this committee is responsible for planning and executing leadership for a January regular club meeting in order to learn about all of the working parts associated with Monday sessions.   Committee meetings are scheduled as needed.

Community Service and Projects:

The committee coordinates with the Red Cross and Rotary Harrisburg to collect multiple units of blood for the Red Cross in one day.

The mission of C.A.R.E. Court is to assist former Federal prisoners to return to the community and receive help from mentors in whatever areas are needed. This could mean helping a person find a job, getting a driver’s license, tutoring help with courses that they may be taking, helping with housing and reestablishing relationships with family including children. CARE stands for Court Assisted Reentry.

Still in the early stages of its existence, the Financial Literacy Committee purpose is to provide a resource of customizable financial education for non-profit organizations.

The Rotary Club of Harrisburg provides hands on labor and solicits in-kind donations of materials that are used to rehabilitate a single family home in the City of Harrisburg. The Committee's leadership works closely with the Harrisburg Chapter of Habitat for Humanity to identify a house that is in need of repairs.

The committee seeks to identify service opportunities where club members can contribute real value to the City of Harrisburg’s sizable homeless population, which has many needs.


1. Identify and participate in several projects throughout the year.

2. Participate in projects that focus on serving real needs of the homeless.

3. We are not creating new projects, but rather identifying existing projects of other service organizations where our members can assist as volunteers.
4. Provide opportunities for other clubs within the district to participate in order to maximize the service outcome

Current projects involvement:
1. Project Homeless Connect –provide volunteers to work at a one-day event in September that corrals a multitude of services for the homeless in one location
2. Susquehanna Harbor Safe Haven winter shelter – provide overnight chaperoning for this all volunteer staffed winter shelter for homeless men
3. YWCA’s winter overnight shelter located at the new Safe Haven – provide overnight
chaperoning for this all volunteer staffed winter shelter for homeless women

An exciting morning of cooking, serving and eating with others along with raising funds. Our annual pancake breakfast is held at the John Harris Campus of Harrisburg High School.

Work on Club Events, Sponsorships, Contributions, Grants, Planned Gifts and Every Rotarian Every Year.

The Harrisburg Club assists the Salvation Army with raising funds through bell ringing at Strawberry Square’s Atrium during the Christmas season. Club volunteers take shifts and collect donations on behalf of the Salvation Army on two days in December.

The Club honours two non-profit organization volunteers for their efforts with the monetary reward paid to the organizations.

SPECIAL EVENTS/FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEEThis committee hosts club events that build goodwill and friendship with members and guests and coordinates special events such as club milestone celebrations.


Purpose: Support and/or participate in global leadership initiatives related to developing clean water sources and sanitary facilities in cooperation with Rotary District 7390 or other clubs.

Duties Include:

  • Participating in and develop (mostly local) fundraising efforts,
  • Assisting in building awareness of global needs for clean water and sanitary facilities, and
  • Identifying specific opportunities to support and/or participate in global initiatives to develop clean water sources and sanitary facilities
  • Judges the Science Fair for the Senior Environmental Project and Award a $750 Prize which we present at a Rotary Meeting
  • Established and now coordinates the funding for the 10th Grade Biology Students to go out on the River with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Educational Program.
  • Solicits Speakers on Various Environmental Topics
    • Address unmet needs in the Harrisburg area through a grant award to a nonprofit organization identified by students and in an area chosen by the students
    • Mentor the youth I the program in that areas of leadership and philanthropy
    • Continue in perpetuity

District and International Service:

Works with Rotary District Committee to organize and support District sponsored Group Study Exchange teams to and from various countries. These teams of four or five persons spend a month in intensive introduction to the business, social and cultural life of another country (or of our region, in the case of visiting teams.) Typically this involves
coordinating activities with local tour guides and State Reps to tour the Capitol.

Communicates the purpose and work of the Rotary International Foundation to the Harrisburg Rotary Club. Clarifies the distinction between the RIF and the Harrisburg Rotary Foundation. This committee highlights important projects funded by the RIF through the Rotary Minute at meetings, and assists in members' continued strong support of giving to that important work.
The Committee also reviews initiatives targeted for attention by Rotary International for project development.  Successful projects have a reciprocal relationship between Harrisburg Rotary and an international Rotary Club partner.   Rotary International has presented the following international directives:
Improvement of World Health 
         • Promote Goodwill, Peace and World Understanding through education. 
Current projects include:
1. Dental Mission: Now in the 20th year, the regional dental Clinic in Las Pascualas, Samana, Dominican Republic serves more than 5000 villagers.  The Linda Alley Clinic has provided in excess of 25,000 patient treatments since 1993.  More than 500 patients received free services and education during the 2012 Rotary sponsored Dental Mission.
2. Water Mission: The Haiti Water Mission worked to provide and install bio-sand filters.

The Committee interacts with the Board and Committee Chairs to identify grant opportunities for existing or new projects or initiatives. This includes providing assistance to Committee Chairs in the creation of a grant request. It is the intention of the District that the Grant committee be responsible for final approval of all grant requests coming from the club and in many cases, actually prepare the grant.  The grant committee members are expected to have attended District training seminars on Rotary Grant preparation.

New Generations:

Acquiring dictionaries for a presentation to the Harrisburg School District 3rd graders.

Monitoring and mentoring the students in our EarlyAct Club at the Nativity School.

The Ecology Committee does 4 things: 

  • Judges the Science Fair for the Senior Environmental Project and Award a $750 Prize which we present at a Rotary Meeting
  • Established and now coordinates the funding for the 10th Grade Biology Students to go out on the River with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Educational Program.
  • Solicits Speakers on Various Environmental Topics
  • Partner with the local chapter of the Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)  to manage and sustain the Peace Garden along Front Street via the Peace Garden sub committee

The Four-Way Test Essay contest was initiated in District 7390 with the goal to increase the awareness, understanding and practice of the Four-Way Test among young people in the local school districts. 9th grade students at John Harris and Sci Tech are invited to answer how the Four-Way Test affects what they think, say and/or do. Our Club gives the following awards $200, $100 and $50.

The Four-Way Test Speech contest was initiated in District 7390 with the goal to increase the awareness, understanding and practice of the Four-Way Test among young people in the local school districts. 10th, 11th or 12th grade students are invited to develop a speech on any subject and apply the Four-Way Test throughout the 5-8 minute speech. Our Club gives the following awards $200, $100 and $50. Student finalists go to the district and prizes are $1,500, $1,000 and $500 and $250.

We have partnered with the Mechanicsburg North Rotary Club to monitor and mentor the students in our Rotaract Club at Central Penn College.
We are also investigating a Rotaract Club at Harrisburg University.


Recruit and sponsor 2 student leaders from John Harris High School, Harrisburg Sci-Tech and/or Bishop McDevitt to attend the annual Rotary Leaders Conference held annually at Messiah College in June.

The objective of this committee is to identify senior high school students who live in the city of Harrisburg who are planning on attending college and need financial assistance, have an outstanding record of “service above self” and have demonstrated high achievement in their: school activities, work experience, community service, academics, and to offer them the opportunity to compete for a scholarship. We use a comprehensive custom scholarship application, which the committee reviews and edits each year prior to distribution. A student from each of the four high schools who serve the student of the city of Harrisburg and Steelton-Highspire is chosen from the applicant of each school and one $2,000 scholarship is awarded to each to be used in the upcoming academic year at a college of their choice. Committee members are encouraged to help raise money through the Rotary Pancake Breakfast plus the associated Rotary Auctions.

Quarterly during the school year, our Club celebrates and recognizes the scholastic achievements of one student and one teacher from Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg Sci-Tech and Steelton-Highspire.

The Rotary Club of Harrisburg provides vision screening and corrective glasses to students of the Harrisburg School District at the newly established Eye Clinic at Hamilton Health Center.

Each year this committee provides the necessary support to enable one or more area high school students to participate in a school-year long Rotary Student Exchange program in another country. The committee also makes arrangements for and supports one or more "inbound" exchange students from another country who participate as exchange students under the sponsorship of our club. The Rotary youth exchange program, like the Group Study Exchange, serves the important cause of promoting international understanding.

The mission of YCDT is to teach Harrisburg youth leadership skills and community connectedness.
The goals of YCDT include:

YCDT provides students with a 9 month curriculum focusing on decision-making and seeking solutions, learning about community needs and assets, community service involvement, learning about the grant making process and fundraising, and leadership skills. YCDT is a collaborative program consisting of the following partners: the Rotary Club of Harrisburg, Leadership Harrisburg Area (LHA), local school districts and their support staff (guidance counselors, etc.) and students and their parents. The objectives of the YCDT Committee and subcommittees are to promote, support, help implement, and sustain the Youth Community Development Team.

Committee Member Responsibilities:

  1. Attend Committee Meetings
  2. Attend YCDT Sessions
  3. Attend and encourage attendance at YCDT fundraising presentation
  4. Act as an ambassador of the program
  5. Sustain the program moving forward
  6. Support YCDT across the following areas (unless otherwise noted)