Year in Review

Our Youth Community Development Team is unique  among the other clubs in the District, fulfilling a true need in our City through teaching young people leadership and philanthropic skills. The World Fellowship Committee organized several missions to our dental clinic in Dominican Republic, and both groups and individuals from the Club traveled to Biloxi to assist in Katrina Relief.  On the local level, Club members assisted in several home-building projects with Habitat for Humanity. The Pancake Breakfast, huge undertaking that it was with dozens of Club volunteers, raised thousands in support of the Harrisburg School District’s early childhood programs. Al Baker’s Happy Hour raised funds to support our Ecology Committee’s project with students from Sci-Tech High. And our Exchange Student Ange Sauvage was a joy to get to know this year!

When “my year” commenced, I announced at our Strategic Planning session that I wanted to concentrate on three areas: Youth, International Projects, and Membership Growth and Retention. We certainly achieved great success in serving our area youth, and the international, and national, projects, were inspiring. Our Club gained almost 20 new members...but unfortunately, due to career responsibilities, moving, etc., our total still stands at 199. BUT...our Club received the prestigious “Membership Retention” award at the District Conference, so our efforts have been recognized. Our Club is the third-largest in District 7390, so we should feel good about that.

There is still so much to accomplish...a year is too short to really “make a difference.” However, I feel very confident in the future achievements of our Club. We have a “succession” team to be very proud of indeed. President-Elect Barry Ramper, Vice President Carolyn Dumaresq, and next-in-lines John Judson will continue our Strategic Planning goals with their own styles, skills and visions.  The future of our Club looks bright with promise. Thank you for the opportunity to serve for the 2007-2008 year.

Carrie Nicholas-Wissler-Thomas



1st Year Rotarians

Patricia A. Hindermyer, Chair

All new members of the Harrisburg Rotary serve on the ‘Rotarians First Year Committee’.  Membership on the Committee is monitored for the initial twelve months by the Club’s Executive Director and the Committee Chair.  The Committee’s goal is to immediately engage new members to the mission of Rotary.

We strive for our First Year Rotarians to ‘hit the ground running’ and be a visible, contributing member which further supports our retention efforts.   Our Committee program is structured as follows:

•  Meetings are scheduled quarterly and, in an effort to support attendance,  coincide with our regular weekly meeting for time and location.  Meeting duration is generally 45 minutes.

•   Invited guests to each quarterly meeting include Club Officers, Committee Chairs and interested Rotarians.

•   An Agenda is prepared for each meeting and provided to all  attendees.

•   In addition to the quarterly meetings, the First Year Rotarians take on the task of planning and conducting a regularly scheduled meeting from opening to closing bell.  All positions required for the meeting are filled by a First Year Rotarian including that of President.

•   At the completion of the initial 12 months, each exiting Rotarian is sent a ‘Congratulations’ letter with a survey to solicit their thoughts and suggestions.



Kent E. Frese, Webmaster

The new interactive website, which was launched as part of our Public Relations campaign, includes; Club Leadership, Committees, Membership Application, Calendar of Events, Membership access to our Roster, Rotary Roundup, Good News Reporting, links to the District/RI and more.


Strategic Planning Retreat:  April 30, 2008

Kent E. Frese, Facilitator


Strategic Planning Committee

Carolyn Dumaresq, Chair


Leaders of the Rotary club of Harrisburg met to review the past year’s performance and set goals and strategies for the 2008-2011 years. Participants discussed our successes and areas for improvement before determining our key areas of focus.


The following are the initiatives the group agreed to:

Rotaract • Grants • Local community projects • District  • Corporate Membership • Individual Membership


Robert D. Hanson Rotary Excellence Award:  January 14, 2008

Kent E. Frese


Kent has provided exemplary leadership, service and commitment to The Rotary Club of Harrisburg through his continued expertise as our webmaster.



Community Service Award:  June 9, 2008


William M. Murray, MD


Bill Murray has served as a dedicated volunteer and he epitomizes the values embodied in the Community Service Award.   He has played a meaningful role in countless organizations that have had a positive impact.


Harrisburg School District • $13,000

Dear Rotarians:


In collaboration with Capital Area Head Start, community childcare providers and the Capital Area Intermediate Unit, the Harrisburg School District Preschool Program (HPP) will begin its sixth year of operation in September 2007. We continue to serve 560 students in seven buildings across the District.  This school year we were fortunate to receive the PA PreK Counts grant which funded the majority of our program. However, as we go into the 2008-2009 school year and that funding will not increase, we are extremely grateful for organizations such as Rotary which support our program.


HPP classrooms are located at Steele, Melrose , Marshall , Downey , Camp Curtin , Scott and Foose Elementary Schools .  Classrooms consist of 16 children with two teachers in each classroom. Except for Foose school, the program operates from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Monday through Friday (PA PreK Counts funded sites). At Foose, Capital Area Head Start operates the program from 8:00AM to 12:30PM four days a week.  The fifth day, Wednesday, is devoted to home visits and parent contacts. At the other sites, home visits are conducted in the afternoons three times during the school year. Parent/Teacher conferences are held at the schools twice a year. Childcare is available to families at all sites and is operated in partnership with community childcare providers before and after the instructional day.  An optional six week summer program is available for preschoolers.


Over the past five years, HPP has used the HRF donation to purchase developmentally appropriate books, big books, books on tape, alphabet strips, CDs for music and movement and resource materials for teachers. These materials continue to greatly enhanced our classrooms and have provided rich professional development resources. Your continued support of our program has allowed us to surpass our goal of having 500 books in all of our classrooms.  Now these resources help us to replace those books that have been lovingly used by the students.


We are deeply appreciative of this year's donation and invite all of you to visit our classrooms to see the effects of your efforts.




Debbie Reuvenny, Director

Early Childhood Program Harrisburg School District



Habitat for Humanity:  May, 2008

Fred R. Hartman, Chair


Habitat for Humanity Work Day was on  May 17 from 8 AM at 100 N. 13th Street.  A group of ten Rotarians and their families worked on the 50th Habitat House.  The Harrisburg Rotary Foundation donated $1,800 for a work trailer.


Pancake Breakfast: October 27, 2007

Karen M. Paris and Jacqueline Bedard, Co-Chairs


The Rotary Club of Harrisburg presented Dr. Gerald Kohn, Superintendent of the Harrisburg School District a check for $18,487.76 at its January 28, 2008 meeting.  Monies donated were raised in conjunction with the Club's Annual Pancake Breakfast which is held at the John Harris High School in Harrisburg.  The Pancake Breakfast is a collaborative effort by Harrisburg Rotary, the Harrisburg School District, and Dauphin County's Family University.  971 people attended the event.  The School District will use the funds to help support their backpack/weekend meal program which provides food for certain Harrisburg school students for weekend meals and vocational field trips for Sci-Tech High School students. This was the most successful Pancake Breakfast in its eleven year history.



Salvation Army Ringing: December 18 and 19, 2007

Harold S. Hurwitz, Chair


36 Rotarians were Bell ringers and $1,535.88 was collected for the Salvation Army. Many thanks to the Rotarians who donated their time for this worthwhile event.


InterClub Thanksgiving Luncheon November 19, 2007


Twelve service clubs attended the luncheon hosted vy the Lions Club and $930.00 was collected for Pennsylvania Lions Beacon Lodge Camp



Ellen M. Kyzer, Chair


The "Service Above Self" award is presented annually by the Rotary Club of Harrisburg to recognize outstanding volunteer service in the non-profit community. The committee considered an array of worthy candidates and was unanimous in its selection of the following individuals for recognition.


Top Awardee                          $1,500  Lauren Rudick                                   YWCA

Honarable Mention     $750     Russell and Patricia Bricker.     CHANNELS





Rotary International Foundation

John P. Judson, M.D., Chair

Contributions: $13,440

Paul Harris Status

FELLOWS:  83                                  Sustaining:  78

(7 of which are new)               (29 of which are new)


World Fellowship

Robert J. Hall, Chair



Club members played an active part in Hurricane Katrina disaster recovery. The program, developed by Rotary District 7390, had a fitting title: "Joining Hands." Our club members joined hands with many other partners to carry out home rebuilding in Biloxi, MS.

Joining Hands partners included the District and its clubs that raised the money for tools and building materials, Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia that supplied coordination, supervision, and materials: the Bethel Evangelical Church's Disaster Recovery Ministry that provided volunteers with food, lodging and ground transpiration; and Rotary members that donated a week of their time and paid for their food, lodging and airfare. Our Board dedicated funds received at a meeting from one "good news reporting" toward the costs of construction

Our club members volunteered for this important rebuilding in Biloxi throughout the winter and spring. Tom Conners was the first from our club to serve.  His report helped others to see that they too could make a valuable contribution. Tom Johnston and John Judson both led teams. Peggy Grove served for two weeks: once with Harrisburg Vocational Technical students and another on John Judson's team.

It was the hope and vision of those on the World Fellowship Committee that a significant number of our club members would serve together rebuilding victim's homes. A number of members indicated that they wished to serve, but work and family conflicts prevented their doing so. Now that we have successfully completed the home for the disabled Gaines couple, Joining Hands has decided to take on other construction. They have scheduled three more trips: April 2-19, May 11-17 and June 15-21. With more work to be done we can still realize the World Fellowship Committee's vision


Group Study Exchange:  May 12, 2008

David Morrison, Chair


District 4580 in Brazil was the GROUP STUDY EXCHANGE TEAM which visited the District in May.

Dr. Claudio Mafra De Siqueira, Team Leader: Educator

Mr. Antonio de Vasconcellos, Building technician

Ms. Carmem Gomes, Psychologist

Dr. Samuel Jorge, Medical Doctor

Mr. Sandro Soares, Nurse


Youth Exchange

Terry Barnaby and Ron Guss, Co-Chairs


INBOUND: Ange Sauvage from France

Counselor:  Andrew R. Rebuck

We thank the Vreeland and Davis families for hosting Ange.


A-N-G-E, that’s right, Ange Sauvage, our rotary exchange student from Lyon, France.   He spoke to our club on June 9th  and highlight his past school year here in Harrisburg.  We got a good glimpse into his school year, his extra curricular activities, his newly formed friendships and his desire to pursue a college graduation in the USA.  At the same time, it goes without his even saying one word that we have hosted a brilliant, warm, adventurous young man over these past months and he has represented himself and our club with true Rotary spirit.


Youth Exchange Weekend: March 15-16, 2008

Terry Barnaby and Ron Guss, Coordinators


The Harrisburg Rotary Club hosted the international exchange students on the weekend of March 15.  Some of the students stated that it was their favorite of all this year's weekends in the District.  Some changes in this year's program were made to streamline the logistics for the organizers and the hosts.  The weekend began at the Pennsylvania State Museum and Planetarium.  The students had a tour of the Capital and time to enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and a tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  The day was capped off with dinner and a movie.  Dinner at Strawberry Square and a movie at the IMAX Theater in the Whitaker Center.  The group then went to the Harrisburg YMCA overnight where they could swim in the pool, play volleyball, basketball, use the exercise equipment and "hang out".  There were lots of snacks and music provided by the students.  The weekend ended with breakfast at the Y on Sunday morning, before the very tired students left for home.


Support for the Troops: June, 2008

A. John Smither, Project Coordinator


For the fifth consecutive year, our Club has continued its support of our overseas troops.  Initially. We provided financial aid to cover the costs of shipping personal items donated by local citizens and collected by various community groups.  Over the past 3 years, our support has gone to the "wounded Warrior Project," an organization headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, to help fund its mission of ministering to the personal and family needs of those servicemen and women grievously wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan, who face long-term medical and rehabilitative care at Walter Reed and other military hospitals.  Our Club’s goal has been to raise $2,000 each year ($10 from each member) as our contribution to these necessary and most worthy wartime endeavors.


Thanks to the 138 members who either contributed the %10 requested , or who generously made larger donations, we collected, $2,530 this exceeding our 2007-08 goal, which brought the Club’s total financial aid to our troops disbursed over a five year period to $13,530.




Harrisburg Rotary Foundation $1,000 Scholarship

Peggy A. Grove, Chair

Benjamin Carraher, Bishop McDevitt High School

Shanon Watts, Harrisburg High School John Harris

Monica Colbert, Harrisburg Sci-Tech

Quinteria Russell, Harriburg High School William Penn



Ecology Committee

John R. Detweiler and Mark S. Koellner, Co-Chairs


Harrisburg Rotary Foundation

Ecology Award $500

Stephen Davidson, Susquenita High School  -  for his project entitled,


"Magnetorheological Fluid Applied to Ship Hulls"


Two classes from Harrisburg School District attended the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Ecology Day on the water.


Rotary Leaders Conference/Messiah College: June 15-19, 2008

Fred R. Hartman, Chair

Lauren Hartwell and Bradley Kunisky from Bishop McDevitt


Students and Teachers of the Quarter

John H. Sutliff, Coordinator


Thirty-two students and teachers from Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg Sci-Tech, Career Technology Academy, A.C.T.S. Program and Bishop McDevitt High School were honored at our quarterly ceremony.  Each recipient received a certificate and $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble.


Rotary Belle

Deb Abel, Cowmootee Chair


Rotary Belle grazed quietly in storage for too long.  Now she has moooved to a more active place at SciTec High School where she can be part of the action!


















Membership:  Sandy Beck and Micheal Carbon

6/30/07     199 members                      6/30/08      197 members


New Members:    (+)18

Patrick Amice

Jeannette Archer-Simons

Kirt Barden

Julie Girsch

Betty Hungerford

Steven Infanti

Jessica Malone

John McHenry

Lisa Paige

Beth Peiffer

Jessica Malone

David Reed

Shane Rottier

Robin Scaer

Joseph Schmidt

Evelyn Soehner

Mark Totaro

David Warren

Tom Weber


Attrition:    (-)20

Edna Baehre

Rosemary Browne

Tama Carey

Bob Christie

Charles Clevenger

Rick Conner

Barry Dively

John Dormuth

Jeff Dunaway

Cindy Fillman

Larry Gardner

Keith Gillaspy

Janet Kelley

David Kruft

Matt Malick

Chip Milspaw

Bridget Montgomery

Sharon Stabinski

Joe Summers

Mel Wilkerson