Year in Review

Carolyn DumeresqWhat a wonderful year of challenges!  We had programs that challenged our thinking and venues that challenged our spacial relations and agenda time changes that challenged our flexibility!  And as usual Rotarians rose to the challenge.

Rising to the challenge isn’t a new concept for our club.  We stretched our already impressive support for international programs by initiating a water program for Honduras.  We exceeded our goals for the Pancake Breakfast which helped to increase our support to High School students attending schools in Harrisburg. Our list of other community service efforts are impressive as well which you can find in the reports below.

We struggled this year in maintaining our membership.  Plagued by deaths, job loss and transfers our attrition numbers exceeded our new member numbers.  I am certain that, with the quality work done in our strategic planning process and with the focus and support of our new officer team and Board, we will be able to achieve our goals for membership next year.

A few well deserved thank yous to my mentor Janice Black, my alter ego Bob Hostetter and my right and left arms Linda Freedenberg.   A final thank you to the members of our club for all of your kind words, support and positive energy as I served you and our club this past year.

Caroyln Dumaresq


Beth Peiffer and Dan Piscioneri, Co-chairs

June 30, 2009     200                                  June, 2010     190

Deletions   -29

  • Anne Alsedek
  • Al Baker
  • Chad Barger
  • Jean Beatty
  • Garry Brinton
  • Jim Brock
  • Mark Brown
  • Micheal Carbon
  • Donna Clark
  • Robyn Clark
  • Nick Connolly
  • Sean Dolan
  • Bob Dolan
  • Neal Hendershot
  • Jason Hicks
  • Pattie Hindermyer
  • Steve Infanti
  • Eric Kunkle
  • Ellen Kyzer
  • Jewell Laughman
  • Russ Maniglia, MD
  • Terry Masch
  • Lisa Paige
  • Churchill Pinder
  • Guy Patterson
  • Diane McNaughton
  • Shane Rottier
  • Erik Vatter
  • Diane Voda
Additions   +19
  • Jayne Abrams
  • Robyn Clark
  • Chris Dellinger
  • Gary Dent
  • Frank Fischer
  • Larry Gardner
  • Jeff Goldsmith
  • Jeff Haas
  • Eric Kunkle
  • Matt Lane
  • Autumn Lang
  • Mark Lewis
  • John Logan
  • Lisa Paige
  • Kevin McNamara
  • Peter Ressler
  • Jason Sanseverino
  • Nikki Stone
  • Russell Wert


1st Year Rotarians

Robin Scaer, Chair

All new members of the Harrisburg Rotary serve on the ‘Rotarians First Year Committee’.  Membership on the Committee is monitored for the initial twelve months by the Club’s Executive Director and the Committee Chair.  The Committee’s goal is to immediately engage new members to the mission of Rotary.


We strive for our First Year Rotarians to ‘hit the ground running’ and be a visible, contributing member who further supports our retention efforts.   Our Committee program is structured as follows:


  • Meetings are scheduled quarterly and, in an effort to support attendance, coincide with our regular weekly meeting for time and location.  Meeting duration is generally 45 minutes.
  • Invited guests to each quarterly meeting include Club Officers, Committee Chairs and interested Rotarians.
  • An Agenda is prepared for each meeting and provided to all attendees.
  • In addition to the quarterly meetings, the First Year Rotarians take on the task of planning and conducting a regularly scheduled meeting from opening to closing bell.
  • All positions required for the meeting are filled by a First Year Rotarian including that  of President.
  • At the completion of the initial 12 months, each exiting Rotarian is sent a ‘Congratulations’  letter  with a survey to solicit their thoughts and suggestions.


The Committee led the Rotary meeting on January 25, 2010.


Kent E. Frese, Webmaster

The interactive website includes: Club Leadership, Committees, Membership Application, Calendar of Events, Membership access to our Roster, Rotary Roundup, Good News Reporting, pictures, links to the District/RI and more.

Strategic Planning Retreat: Kent E. Frese, Facilitator

Strategic Planning Committee

Bob Saline, Chair


Leaders of the Rotary club of Harrisburg met to review the past year’s performance and set goals and strategies for the 2011-2012 years. Participants discussed our successes and areas for improvement before determining our key areas of focus.


The following are the GOALS the group agreed to:


Increasing Service Participation and Opportunities

Enhancing and Expanding Membership

Defining Who We Are and Who We Want to be as a Club


Goal planning teams were created, strategic initiatives were described and key performance measures were identified to track our progress.  The plan was outlined at the May 17th Rotary membership meeting.


Robert D. Hanson Rotary Excellence Award:  January 11, 2010



Gib has provided exemplary leadership, service and commitment to The Rotary Club of Harrisburg through her continued efforts with the Pancake Breakfast. The awardee attends the Rotary International Convention.  Gib hopes to attend the 2011 convention.


Community Service Award:  June 14, 2010

Robert J. Hall


Bob Hall has served as a dedicated volunteer and he epitomizes the values embodied in the Community Service Award.   He was one of the leading individuals who developed a strong commitment to the Dominican Republic, and particularly the opportunity of developing a dental clinic in the Samana region.  This is an example of his commitment for a community of need, and then he dynamically brought it into the realm of Rotary participation.


Habitat for Humanity

Fred R. Hartman, Chair


Habitat for Humanity Work day was on May 8 from 8 AM-3 PM.  A group of Rotarians and their families worked on a Habitat House.


Pancake Breakfast:  October 24, 2009

Karen M. Paris and Jacqueline Jackson-DeGarcia, Co-Chairs


770 attended the 13th Apple Harvest Pancake Breakfast including 76  Rotary volunteers.  A check for $20,731.69 was presented on January 25th at the Rotary meeting. The programs earmarked for this money are The Pre-K Program, Sci-Tech High School, and the Ben Franklin Academy.


Salvation Army Bell Ringing:  December 15 and 16, 2009

Harold S. Hurwitz, Chair


36 Rotarians were Bell ringers and $1,499.23 was collected for the Salvation Army.  Many thanks to the Rotarians who donated their time for this worthwhile event.


InterClub Thanksgiving Luncheon November 23, 2009

Virginia A. Roth, Chair


Twelve service clubs attended the luncheon hosted by the Rotary Club. 220 attended  and  $572 was raised for Habitat for Humanity.


Service Above Self Awards:  December 7, 2009

Ellen Kyzer, Chair


The "Service Above Self" award is presented annually by the Rotary Club of Harrisburg to recognize outstanding volunteer service in the non-profit community.  The committee considered an array of worthy candidates and was unanimous in its selection of the following individuals for recognition.


Top Awardee                         $1,500   Larry Baker                                 CONTACT HELPline

Honorable Mention                               $   750  Juanita Edrington-Grant                           Christian Recovery                                                                                                                                      Aftercare Ministry, Inc.


Youth Community Development Team (YCDT)

Jeannette Archer-Simons, Chair

$6,000 from Harrisburg Rotary Foundation

to fund the grant to CHANNELS



MISSION STATEMENT:  To learn the value of Rotary's Service Above Self principles through teaching high school Juniors and Seniors the importance of philanthropy and giving back to the community.


CORE VALUES:  Participating youth will develop leadership and team building skills that will focus on a philanthropic ethic.


The YCDT project completed its sixth successful year in 2009-2010.  Accompanied by school advisors, thirty-eight Juniors and Seniors from Harrisburg High, ScI-Tech High and Bishop McDevitt High Schools met for activities at the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce.


The program begins with a day-long retreat in September and meets once a month for two hours over the remaining eight months of the school year.  Each session is facilitated by community representatives who were coordinated through a strategic partnership with Leadership Harrisburg Area. The learning activities structure includes team building activities; philanthropic and leadership education; self assessment and skill building for personal growth.  The students also read and discussed the book, "Everyday Leadership" by Mariam G. MacGregor.


Through the YCDT learning experience, students identify a community need and strategize on ways in which their talents, energy and resources can help fill the needs.  The process includes a student driven community needs assessment, gap analysis, brainstorming and consensus building.  This year the YCDT students identified the critical focus area of "jobs and employment skills."


The students prepare a request for proposal (RFP) for a grant to a nonprofit organization who can address the need.  The Channels Food Rescue was selected for the 2010 grant award of $6,000.  This represents more than $4,000 raised by the students from local business people and a contribution from the Rotary club.  The funds raised to support the YCDT student initiatives and grant projects are managed as a YCDT Endowment Fund at the Foundation for Enhancing Communities.


Rotarians are encouraged to join this committee, visit the program as a guest or facilitator or provide financial support for the student project.


Harrisburg School District

•  $9,075.00    Mini computer/calculators                  Grant (2008-09)


•  $9,859.89     HACC tuition for Sci-Tech students  Grant (2009-10)





Rotary International Foundation

Maria Persico, Chair

Contributions: $ 10,700

Paul Harris Status

FELLOWS: 82                              Sustaining: 83

(6 of which are new)                     (12 of which are new)


World Fellowship

Robert J. Hall, Chair


The team has returned from the Dominican Republic with many interesting stories to tell. We treated well over 200 patients by Dr. Shore and 6 students. The Clinic operated at full capacity from Sunday the 15th to Thursday the 19th with a substantial waiting list of no less than 25 patients waiting at all times. The day would start at 8:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM with the Temple Team continuing their work over the lunch hour. Peggy Grove, Bob Hostetter, and Ann Marie Judson manned the Triage desk all day sorting patients based on cleanings, restorations, or extractions. We were pleased to note that extractions had been substantially reduced as our continuing education program and past services has changed the patient focus from extractions to oral hygiene.  In January 4, 2010, Dr. Shore and some of the Temple Dentists spoke to Rotary.

Water Project

Jack Huskin, Chair


The Rotary Club of Harrisburg helped the Rotary Club of Carlisle with their water project.   We contributed $1,000 towards their goal of $7,000 for the water and sanitation project in the vicinity of Comayagua, Honduras.


Group Study Exchange:  May 10, 2010

David Morrison, Chair


Rotary Club of Harrisburg hosted the inbound Group Study Exchange team from District 1460, Denmark and Lithuania, on Monday, May 10.  GSE Co-chairs David Morrison and Robert Reitzel escorted the 6-member team on a full-day tour of Harrisburg that included the State Capitol and the new Harrisburg 2010 History Center in the historic Dauphin Deposit Trust Building (hosted by Jeb Stuart).  At the club's weekly luncheon, GSE Team Leader Peter Rastrup and his team gave an excellent presentation on their two countries (when Lithuania and other Baltic countries left the Soviet Union, their new Rotary Clubs joined established Rotary districts in neighboring countries).  The afternoon included a bus tour of the Harrisburg City and region and a visit with HACC President Edna Baehre of the Colonial park Rotary Club.  The inbound team's five-week visit, from April 10 to May 16, included intricately scheduled activities organized by all of the Central PA Rotary Clubs in District 7390, whose members also provided housing for the visitors on a rotating weekly basis.  Group Study Exchange, which also includes a simultaneous outbound expedition to District 1460, is a major component of the international service mission of Rotary International.




Youth Exchange

Caryn Carr and Ron Guss, Co-Chairs


INBOUND: Lukas Kebschull

Counselor:  Dave Bedard

We thank the Vreeland family for hosting Lukas.

A large welcoming committee of Rotarians met Lukas Kebschull at Harrisburg International Airport in August.  Lukas came from Bielefeld Germany.  He came with one suitcase and golf clubs.  Two days later he was in the Mayor’s Golf Tournament and impressing everyone with his swing!  He attended Susquehanna High School and lettered in both golf and tennis.  He stayed with the Vreeland family throughout his year here.  This was the second Rotary exchange student the Vreeland’s hosted.  He arrived with a nearly bare Rotary jacket.  He is leaving with not even an inch of blank space on the blue blazer.  He made many friends at Susquehanna.  Besides earning his Letterman’s Jacket, he was voted most kissable senior.  At graduation he received his diploma from Governor Rendell.  His parents came to the US for a wedding in March and were hosted by the Harrisburg Youth Exchange Committee at a Reception in their honor and at a Rotary meeting.  We will cap-off Lukas’ year with a Farewell Picnic/Pool Party at the Rebuck’s.  In July, Lukas will be taking the Rotary USA trip (30 days on a bus touring the entire United States) with 200 other Exchange Students from all over the world.  On August 2, 2010, Lukas will speak to the Club about his Rotary Exchange Student Year a few days before returning to Germany to resume his high school education there.

Lukas was an outstanding Ambassador for his country and Rotary during his Exchange Year in Harrisburg.  He will be leaving with many fond memories and will be missed.  We hope that he will return in the future.

Youth Exchange Weekend: March 20-21, 2010

Caryn Carr and Ron Guss, Coordinators


The Harrisburg rotary Club hosted the international exchange students on the weekend of March 20th.  Some of the students stated that it was their favorite of all this year’s weekends in the District.  The weekend began with a tour of the State Capitol.  This was followed by a visit to the Pennsylvania State Museum.  The students then had lunch at Strawberry Square where some of them were able to see part of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.   After lunch the students saw the IMAX movie "The Hubble".  On the way back to the Y the students had a walk along the waterfront.  At the YMCA the students had a pizza party dinner and then were able to avail themselves of the Y facilities such as volleyball, basketball, and the exercise equipment or just "hang out".  The weekend ended with breakfast at the Y on Sunday morning before the very tired students left for home.


Support for the Troops: June, 2010

A. John Smither, Project Coordinator


For the seventh consecutive year, our Club has continued its support of our overseas troops.  Initially, we provided financial aid to cover the costs of shipping personal items donated by local citizens and collected by various community groups.  Over the past five years, our support has gone to the "Wounded Warrior Project," an organization headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, to help fund its mission of ministering to the personal and family needs of those servicemen and women grievously wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan, who face long-term medical and rehabilitative care at Walter Reed and other military hospitals.  Our Club’s goal has been to raise $2,000 each year ($10 from each member) as our contribution to these necessary and most worthy wartime endeavors.


Thanks to those members who either contributed $10 as requested, or who generously made larger donations, we collected, $1,952, which brought the Club’s total financial aid to our troops disbursed over a seven year period to$17,547.




Harrisburg Rotary Foundation $2,000 Scholarships

Peggy A. Grove, Chair


Krysten Minnici, Bishop McDevitt High School

Raechell Bruce, Harrisburg High School John Harris

Jasmine Kennedy, Harrisburg Sci-Tech

Tydell Long, Harriburg High School William Penn


Ecology Committee

John R. Detweiler, Chair


Two classes from Harrisburg School District attended the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Ecology Day on the water.


Ecology Award $500

Harrisburg Rotary Foundation


Steven Williams, Bishop McDevitt for his project entitled

"Enzymatic and Microbial Bioremediation of Cocoa Butter in

a Simulated Grease Trap"


Rotary Leaders Conference/Messiah College: June 14-18, 2010

Fred R. Hartman, Chair


Olivia Krokonko, Bishop McDevitt

Marissa Liberacki, Bishop McDevitt


Students and Teachers of the Quarter

John H. Sutliff, Coordinator


Thirty-two students and teachers from Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg Sci-Tech, Career Technology Academy, A.C.T.S. Program and Bishop McDevitt High School were honored at our quarterly ceremony.  Each recipient received a certificate and $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble.


Rotary Belle

Deb Abel, Cowmootee Chair


Rotary Belle has been grazing at Sci-Tech High School.