Year in Review


SniderIt has been my honor to have served as your President for the past year!  I am so proud to be a Rotarian as are YOU!

This past year has been about service projects, networking and outstanding weekly speakers.  Thanks, Czar!

Our service projects have included the highly successful Vision Screening program at Hamilton Health Center, Habitat for Humanity. Blood Drive, YCDT, CARE Court, the restoration of the Victim’s Room in the police station – now called the Family Resource Room – Project Homeless Connect and the Salvation Army Bell Ringing to name a few.
Branding of Rotary has been beefed up with Rotary Belle now permanently in front of City Hall, Rotary displays throughout the lobby of City Hall, sale of Rotarians at Work tee shirts, Follow Me To the Rotary Club of Harrisburg bumper magnets and the addition of Paul Harris Ribbons on our name badges.

Although we did not increase membership by the goal of a NET of 23, we have added 27 new members with young and enthusiastic members.  We are the membership leader in District 7390!

Through our Resource Development efforts, we had the best pancake breakfast ever, raised funds for the Haiti water initiative as well as the dental project in the Dominican Republic and had the first ever Kiss A Pig event!  The Club Foundation issues an RFP, which resulted in Rotary Gives Back to non profit agencies, ecology awards and scholarships.

Thanks to all members and committee chairs for their leadership!  Thanks also to Linda for her support.

I look forward to supporting Betty as she takes the gavel!

Yours in Rotary,
Karen F. Snider

Rotary Belle
Rotary Belle, a city symbol of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg’s commitment to Service Above Self, made a major mooooooove to Harrisburg’s City Government Center at the request of Mayor Eric Papenfuse. Rotary Belle was created during 2005 in celebration of Rotary International’ first 100 years of service and to help the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts during a Cow Parade fundraising drive. Sponsoring organizations would make a contribution for a cow and then commission artists to decorate the cow.  Several of the cows are still visible around the city.  Many are in private or corporate pastures.  The Harrisburg Rotary Club’s then president, Sally Klein (2002-03) saw the opportunity to spread the word about the vision and community service of Rotary though participation with the Whitaker Center initiative.  With major funding help from PSECU, the Rotary Club of Harrisburg was able to purchase a cow and Klein appointed a “Cowmittee” of club members to manage her appearances. Rotary Belle was later a focal point at the 2006 Centennial Celebration of Rotary International when then Rotary International president Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar was the guest of honor at a Rotary of Harrisburg’s event held at the Harrisburg Hilton.  The Rotary Club of Harrisburg was one of the first fifty clubs, actually the 23rd, formed around the world and visited by Stenhammar during RI’s centennial year.   Rotary Belle went on to participate in the Rotary Club of Harrisburg’s Centennial Celebration in 2011 and several Harrisburg St. Patrick’s Day parades and was frequently spotted in the lobby of Harrisburg University or Harrisburg’ Sci-Tech High School.

Website Kent E. Frese, Webmaster
The updated interactive website includes: Club Leadership, Committees, Membership Application, Calendar of Events, Membership access to our Roster, Rotary Roundup, Good News Reporting, pictures, links to the District/RI and more.  The Clubs Facebook and LinkedIn are increasing communication.

Robert D. Hanson Rotary Excellence Award:  January 5, 2015
Corinne Rebinski
Corinne serves on the Resource Development Committee, the Homeless Initiative Committee, the Finance Committee and the Grant Committee and is the Club Treasurer. She coordinated the committee description revision project that was part of the 2012 strategic planning process and from October 2012 to March of 2013, she worked with the committee chairs to update to descriptions  and obtain more project information which was then included in the 2013-2014 directory. Although not officially on any other committees, she has regularly volunteered for Pancake breakfast, Habitat for Humanity build projects, Youth Exchange overnights, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Water committee, Blood donation and Rotary Vision Expo. Corinne understands the need for a relationship with the District and RI and attends District banquets, District training, dedications (such as Rotary Belle) and will generally do whatever is needed to help out.  This is demonstrated by her participation in the up-coming “Kiss the Pig” fundraiser. Corinne has agreed to be one of the participants willing to “Kiss A Pig”. As the Hanson Awardee, Corinne is eligible to attend the Rotary International Convention on behalf of our Club.



Membership  Mary Oliveira, Chair

6/30/14      165 members                                               6/30/15             172
New Members  +27                                                        Resignations -20

Brice Arndt
Terry Barnaby
Daniel Brannen
Ellen Brown
Kevin Cook
Jim Eichelberger
Richard Foster
Frank Frailey, Jr.
Scott Goodlin
Kirk Hallett
Steve Harrison
Jenny Hartman
Yvette Kane

Amy Kaunas


Dolores Liptak
Laura MacNeill
Beth Mihmet
Elaine Nissley
Laura Nunn
Jeannine Peterson
Ryan Riley
Bryson Roof
Darrin Silbaugh
Matt Staub
Curt Stutzman
Sue Ward-Diorio
Laura Williams

Caryn Carr
Tom Conners
Benedict Dubbs
Tim Fatzinger
Dave Freet
Jim Grandon
Stacy Klann
John Kooti
Dolly Lalvani
Julia Mallory
Elaine Nissley
Tina Nixon  
Jane Ransom
David Reed
Robin Scaer
Ted Sickler
M. Dudley Smith
Jack Snavely
Michael Young
Steve Young


Rotarians 1st Year    Maddie Young and Dan Zalewski, Co-Chairs
New members are assigned to the Rotarians 1st Year Committee until they transition from Red to Blue Badge by completing initiation tasks.  The core goal of this committee is to help engage new members in club activities and to help them navigate through their first year+ of learning about Rotary. Experienced Rotarians, along with assigned mentors, work with new members to get them quickly immersed in Club activities and, thus, to become contributing members. This experience allows new members to more easily and rapidly appreciate the value of their Rotary Club of Harrisburg Membership.  Our program includes:

• Quarterly thirty-minute meetings prior to the regular weekly meeting to focus on various club activities, the Rotary International Foundation, or a specific project.   Club leaders come to speak on their area of Rotary expertise.

• Red to Blue Badge Program – new members are set up to track their progress through a series of tasks designed to familiarize them with our club.   Six tasks must be completed in order for a New Rotarian to receive a blue badge, signifying transition from new member to regular membership status.

• The Rotarians 1st Year Committee plans and executes one of the late January Club meetings – the most recent being January 26, 2015.  All regular roles held by current Club leaders are put in the hands of New Rotarians.  Many months of planning are involved and an earnest attempt is made to get all new Rotarians involved.

Strategic Planning Retreat   Dolores Liptak, Facilitator
Strategic Planning Committee  J. Stephen Feinour, Chair
Members participated in the Strategic Planning Session on May 20th, where 64 members participated in detailed discussions in 4 target areas, resulting in revisions to our 2014-15 Strategic Plan. Our 2015-16 Strategic Plan was approved by the Board and shared with our members and District 7390. Goal Planning Teams were created, strategic initiatives were described and key performance measures were identified to track our progress. Specific goals were included for Branding, Membership, Service, Resource Development. 

Branding Committee  Virginia A. Roth, Chair
The branding committee was focused on two fronts. Empowering members to help tell our good news within the voice of the Rotary brand. In addition, we are exploring ways to show all the wonderful commitments our club supports and engages in, both locally and regionally and internationally. A Brand Audit was completed and presented and it will be implemented. A member recruitment video tool kit is also in development.

Community Service Award  
Larry Means was presented with the Community Service Award on May 18th. Larry has served as a dedicated volunteer and he epitomizes the values embodied in the Community Service Award.  For his leadership on local boards of directors and as a community philanthropist, Larry is most deserving of this award. Criteria used by the committee includes volunteer community service - not job or Rotary related.

Habitat for Humanity  Andrew Hetrick, Chair
Ten Rotarians and friends worked on November 8th on a Repair Corps project, which assists veterans in Dauphin County in need of critical home repairs to ensure they have a safe home.

HARRISBURG ROTARY FOUNDATION   Jeffrey R. Boswell, President

$21,700 in Harrisburg Rotary Foundation Grants
Boy Scouts of America –New Birth of Freedom Council  $2,500
Capital Area Girls on the Run           $2,500
Catholic Charities                             $5,000
Family Support of Central PA           $1,700
Salvation Army                                  $2,500
The Joshua Group                              $5,000
YMCA Camp Curtain Branch           $2,500
Harrisburg School District-Homeless Program   $15,000

Homeless Initiatives Committee   Ira Packman, M.D. and Corinne Rebinski, Co-Chairs

Project Homeless Connect in Harrisburg
Harrisburg participated in the 5th annual Harrisburg-area Project Homeless Connect (PHC) event at the Pennsylvania Farm Show building on Thursday, September 11, 2014. This special day, which brought necessary services directly to homeless people in the city, was planned and coordinated by the Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness (CACH) and supported by many Harrisburg-based organizations including the YWCA of Greater Harrisburg, Bethesda Mission, the Foundation for Enhancing Communities and the Rotary Club of Harrisburg. Based on a national model, PHC events have taken place in cities across the country, providing a single location where non-profit, medical, and social service providers can, together, help homeless individuals and families, with a wide variety of comprehensive services. During the event, homeless guests are able to accomplish in just one day, what could otherwise take many months. These services include dental care, eyeglasses, HIV testing, food and medical care, legal advice, ID cards including social security cards and voter ID cards, employment counseling, pet care, bicycle repair and much more. This year’s event in Harrisburg which helped 179 guests including 27-30 children; 123 near homeless people received services; for a total of 303 people. Another 25 children stayed with their parents while receiving services. Two unaccompanied youth attended PHC. 300 Breakfasts and Lunches were served.  Housing applications were completed. Dental exams and HIV tests were done, flu shots administered, glasses distributed, referrals to physicians and disability forms completed, social security, birth certificates and cells phones were received. Nineteen Rotarians participated as volunteers, ambassadors, Physicians, Registrars and Child Care supervisors.

Susquehanna Harbor Safe Haven Emergency Winter Shelter
This emergency Shelter is sponsored by Christian Churches United and supported by many groups in the Harrisburg community. This shelter operates from 7:30 PM to 7:00 AM from December 1 until March 31. The facility is open for any male in need of shelter for the night. Without the volunteers to staff the shelter, it cannot operate, and the 15-20 men that show up every night would be turned away to sleep on the street. This year, our Rotarians staffed the Shelter from Jan 19- Jan 25, 2015. Nine Rotarians participated in this worthwhile project and afforded these men a warm, safe place to sleep and a friendly voice to say good night and good morning. The Rotarians’ duties included setting up mattresses, blankets, chairs, coffee, hot chocolate and snacks, prior to the arrival of the overnight guests. They also stored the blankets and mattresses in the morning.

YWCA Womens Safe Haven Winter Shelter
From January through March, Women from the Rotary Club of Harrisburg, volunteered for the YWCA’s winter overnight shelter located at the YWCA headquarters in Harrisburg.  The emergency shelter is open from December through March and offers homeless women a warm and safe place to sleep during the cold winter months.  Volunteers worked either as hostesses, assisting for several hours in the evening with the intake of guests, or spent the night as overnight chaperones.  All in all, 12 women gave their time to cover 18 nights at the shelter.  Special thanks to Angela Tatum for recruiting her amazing sister Whitney, who spent a total of 8 nights at the shelter!

InterClub Thanksgiving Luncheon  
Twelve service clubs attended the luncheon hosted by the Rotary Club of Harrisburg on November, 2014. $843.50 and 135 pounds of food was collected for Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.  This will provide about 5,000 meals!

Mayor’s Rotarian Council  Karen M. Paris, Chair
The Rotary Club of Harrisburg is pleased to have renovated this important room in the Public Safety Building,” said Karen Snider, president of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg.  “This was made possible through the generous donations of Rotarians and their colleagues. Mayor Eric Papenfuse joined our members in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 2 p.m. Monday, Dec. 8, 2014 in the Harrisburg Public Safety Building, 123 Walnut St., to celebrate renovations to the former “Victim’s Room.” The room located on the third floor was renamed the “The Rotary Club of Harrisburg Family Support Room” and will provide a more welcoming place for citizens to await interviews with police officers in connection with criminal investigations. Painting, new flooring, ceiling tiles, furniture and artwork gave the room a warm, homey atmosphere, and new toys were provided for children who may have to wait in the room before speaking to police.

Pancake Breakfast   Karen M. Paris and Marion C. Alexander, Co-Chairs
An estimated 900 people attended the 18th Annual Apple Harvest Pancake Breakfast on October 4, 2014, including 68 Rotary volunteers.  Proceeds were funneled through the Harrisburg Rotary Foundation and a check for $15,000 (earmarked for the Homeless Program in the Harrisburg School District) was made at the May 18th “Rotary Gives Back” lunch meeting.

Red Cross Blood Drive  Ira Packman, M.D., Chair

The Rotary Club of Harrisburg hosted the 5th Red Cross blood drive on April 27th, 2015.   Over 30 donors signed up with from both the Rotary club of Harrisburg and the community. Twenty donors were processed. A total of 18 units were collected. This broke down to 14 units of whole blood which supplied 14 units of red cells, plasma and platelets, and 4 additional red cell units from  double red cell collections. This gave them a total of 18 red cell units, 14 units of plasma and 14 units of platelets.  Some donors were deferred and 1 was unable to complete the collection. The Red Cross did a great job with patient flow and their on-line sign-up sheet worked well. Thanks to 12 Rotarians, their family and friends who gave of themselves to help those in need of blood and blood products. Donating your blood is the ultimate fulfillment of the Four-Way Test.                   

Salvation Army Bell Ringing   December 9 and 10, 2014    Jeffrey R. Boswell and Wilson C. Everhart, Co-Chairs
We once again staffed the Salvation Army Kettle in Strawberry Square flashing our now famous Ding and Dong cards on December 9 and 10, 2014 raising $521.90 for the Salvation Army.  Many thanks to the Rotarians who donated their time for this worthwhile event.

Service Above Self   Tina Nixon, Chair
Dr. Oralia Garcia-Dominic Estamos Unidos de Pennsylvania (EUP)  $1,000
Allen D. Quirk, Jr.               Habitat for Humanity                                $   500
The 2014 Service Above Self award is presented annually by the Rotary Club of Harrisburg. We received numerous entries representing an array of nonprofits in our area.  The committee will continue to focus on nonprofits in Harrisburg that embody our mission.
Special Events/Fellowship   Andrew R. Rebuck, Chair 
Most likely you all know that every Monday meeting is a chance for great fellowship with our club members.   At the same time, many of you donned your sunglasses, swim suits, scuba gear and more as we enjoyed a great night out at the Whitaker Center I-Max on July 23rd to munch on complimentary popcorn and to view the movie "Journey to the South Pacific in 3-D."  Also, maybe not as much fun as popcorn and a movie, but our club hosted a Rotary Means Business Mixer on October 28th at Capital Blue Cross's beautiful building.  All attendees had a chance for a self-introduction of their business and had a chance to mingle and enjoy great snacks and cold beverages while building a network with the best of the best Rotarians.

HARRISBURG ROTARY FOUNDATION   Jeffrey R. Boswell, President  

$21,700 in Harrisburg Rotary Foundation Grants
Boy Scouts of America –New Birth of Freedom Council  $2,500
Capital Area Girls on the Run           $2,500
Catholic Charities                              $5,000
Family Support of Central PA           $1,700
Salvation Army                                  $2,500
The Joshua Group                              $5,000
YMCA Camp Curtain Branch           $2,500
Harrisburg School District-Homeless Program   $15,000


Ecology Committee  John R. Detweiler and Peter J. Ressler, Co-Chairs

Ecology Award

Kyle Wise, Senior at Carlisle High School 

The Ecology Award is awarded annually to a student from the Greater Harrisburg Area who has submitted a project to the Capital Area Science Fair in the Environmental Science category. The committee reviews the projects and selects a winner.  Kyle Wise, a  12th   grade student from the Carlisle High School won with his project entitled "D-Netting vs. Leaf Bagging; Which Macro-Invertebrate Collection is the Most Accurate."  Kyle received a $750 check from the Harrisburg Rotary Foundation at our June 8th meeting where he presented his experiment.

Eye Vison Expo   Barry Ramper,II, Chair
The 2014 Scholastic Vision Screening Project was an expansion of previous vision screenings and is a stellar example of successful collaboration of Rotary with other community resources.  Under the leadership of past president, Barry Ramper, educational institutions, other service and non-profit organizations, private businesses and professional organizations joined forces to conduct this three-day project at Hamilton Health Center.  It was a life-changing experience for many of the 218 students from the Harrisburg, Steelton-Highspire and Nativity Schools whose vision was screened as well as for the volunteers who made this possible.  A total of 191 of these young people were fitted with much-needed glasses which not only enabled them to read and perform better in the classroom, but also enhanced their confidence and social skills. 

Four-Way Test Essay Contest     Samuel Levine, Chair 
The Four-Way Test Essay Contest was initiated in District 7390 in 2006 with the goal to increase the awareness, understanding and practice of the Four-Way Test among young people in the local school districts. Ninth grade students from the Harrisburg Area School District campuses of John Harris and Sci-Tech were invited to answer the question, "How Does the Rotary Four-Way Test Affect What They Think, Say or Do?" 

$500 Khaiyon Rice                                        $300  Jada Bailey                                          $100  Alexis Welch

Four-Way Test Speech Contest   Joyce A Libby, Chair
The Four-Way Test Speech Contest was initiated in 2014 for the Harrisburg Club and in its 3rd year for  District 7390.   The goal of the contest is to increase the awareness, understanding and practice of the Four-Way Test among young people in the local school districts. Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth grade students from the Harrisburg Area School District campuses of John Harris and Sci-Tech as well as Bishop McDevitt, YCDT members were invited to answer the question.  A great turnout for the first year with eight students participating at school level contests.  Five students were selected to present at the club level contest. "Three finalists were chosen and awarded checks on November 4th from the Harrisburg Rotary Foundation at the Club Level Contest”. 

$200 Chynna Eubanks Brown                     $100  JoseVega                                              $50  Alexis O’Neal

The three finalists moved on to the Mid-Level Contest held on November 15 in Harrisburg.  Ten students competed with one finalist being selected to attend the District Level contest on May 2, 2015 with finalists from four other Mid Level Contests for the chance to win $1,500 for first place, $1,000 for second place, $750 for third place and $250 to each remaining contestant.  Our own Jose Vega took second place at our Mid Level Contest.   

Rotary Leaders Conference (RYLA)  June 13-18, 2015 Messiah College    Jennifer Doyle and Jessica Ritchie, Co-Chairs
Each year District 7390 holds a Rotary Youth Leaders Conference at Messiah College. This week long residential camp is a leadership training for outstanding young men and women from public and non-profit secondary schools in District 7390. The students come from the counties of Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York. Students are also selected from the Inbound Youth Exchange Class. Our Harrisburg Rotary Club chooses their RYLA  applicant from among the YCDT students. This year Michael Rebarchak from Bishop McDevitt High School, Tyler Copenhaver will represent The Rotary Club of Harrisburg. The costs are donated from the Harrisburg Rotary Foundation.

Scholarship Committee     Samuel Levine, Chair
$8,000 in Scholarships are awarded annually with funds raised at our Pancake Breakfast and the Harrisburg Rotary Foundation.  Four scholarships of $2,000 each are awarded to high school seniors selected from four area high schools. We received 11 completed applications and selected one senior from each school based on their academic achievements, community service, leadership abilities, and financial need.  This years' Harrisburg Rotary Scholarship winners are:

Christopher Devine, Bishop McDevitt      Mark Santana Crespo, Harrisburg High
Beryl Bannerman, Harrisburg Sci-Tech    Tyler Vaupel, Steelton-Highspire

Students and Teachers of the Quarter Ali Bach, Chair
Outstanding students and teachers from Harrisburg, Harrisburg Sci-Tech and Steelton-Highspire High Schools were honored at our quarterly ceremonies.  Each recipient received a certificate and $25 gift card to Target in recognition of their outstanding service to their schools.

Youth Community Development Team (YCDT)  Jennifer Doyle and Jessica Ritchie, Co-Chairs
$5,000 from Harrisburg Rotary Foundation to fund the grant to
Day of Caring Harrisburg City Clean-up April 18

Our YCDT program was established in 2004 through the generosity of the business leaders from the Harrisburg Community and the Harrisburg Rotary Club members.The funds are held with the Foundation for Enhancing Communities. The purpose of this youth leadership development program is to teach the value of Rotary's motto of 'Service Above Self' and to instill the importance of philanthropy and volunteerism, leadership, team building, respect, cooperation, collaboration and compromise. These values are shared through interactive monthly meetings at the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. The YCDT class of juniors and seniors are selected from three area high schools: Bishop McDevitt and both campuses of the Harrisburg Area School District John Harris and SciTech. Each YCDT session was facilitated by Leadership Harrisburg, based on an ongoing partnership with the Rotary Club of Harrisburg. The process used is a student driven community needs assessment, gap analysis, consensus building and brainstorming model.
The 2015 critical focus area was identified as beautifying the Harrisburg community, and in doing so, building community. Rather than the traditional approach of issuing an Request For Proposal, fundraising and awarding a grant to a nonprofit organization in the community that would meet this chosen goal, the class decided to take on the task themselves. They developed their own budget, created a list of needed items, found other community partners and began coordinating a one day beautification event, which was held on April 18, 2015 the Rotary Day of Service. They raised funds ($5,600 +) in excess of what classes traditionally do, even exceeding their goal! They graduated on May 12, 2015 in a 10th annual celebration of YCDT which aimed at raising funds for the endowment fund to sustain this program for years to come!

Youth Exchange Weekend  Jack Huskin, Chair
Our Club hosted 25 of the Inbound and Outbound Youth Exchange Students from District 7390 and Maryland March 21 and 22.  The students got several great pictures with groups in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The students visited the Pennsylvania Capitol, The Pennsylvania State Museum, the Planetarium, the Imax Theater at the Whitaker Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and were hosted for the overnight at the Harrisburg YMCA with lots of Pizza and healthy snacks.  Thanks to the help and support of volunteer Rotarians from both our Club and other local clubs, we provided a well-rounded educational and entertaining weekend.  We offered the Inbound and Outbound Youth Exchange Students time to get to know one another and to share stories about their home countries and their U.S. experiences, plus the Outbound Students received an opportunity to learn firsthand about the Youth Exchange program.

Youth Exchange   Ron Guss, Counselor
The Harrisburg Rotary Club hosted Ata Unlu from Ankara, Turkey who attended Camp Hill High School.  Ata had many “firsts” during the school year.  He attended his first Football Game, first Pep Rally, first Homecoming Dance, first Halloween Party, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first Easter Egg Hunt (met the Easter Bunny) and went to his first Prom.  Ata was a regular at Rotary meetings and pitched-in at the Rotary Apple Harvest Pancake Breakfast.  Ata even started an “Ata for hire” program to earn extra money so that he could take gifts home for his parents, grandparents and sister.  Everything considered. Ata had a great year!  Thanks to the Feinour’s, Wilson’s and Blanchfield’s for hosting Ata during his year here.


Contributions: EREY  $20,089  as of 6/23
Polio Plus $10,135

Group Study Exchange  Jeffrey S. Gelburd, Chair
Five Rotarians from the Czech and Slovak Republic were given a tour of the State Capitol, the William Penn Museum and other sites of downtown Harrisburg on Friday, May 15th by Club member Jeff Gelburd.  These visitors were here for about a four week period touring the area and hosted by various Rotary Clubs in our District.

Napal Earth Quake Relief

$360 was collected at the May 11th Rotary meeting and sent to the Carlisle Club.

Support for the Troops   A. John Smither, Project Coordinator
For the 12th consecutive year, The Rotary Club of Harrisburg has continued its support of our overseas troops through the "Wounded Warrior Project.”  Thanks to the generosity of our members, we have sent $1,683 this Rotary year which brings our total to $26.221.

Water Initiatives - Every Sip Counts    James D. Good and Ali Bach, Co-Chairs
Water Initiatives Committee was formed in August, 2012 as “Every Sip Counts”.  In June, 2014, our Board approved the pursuit of a Rotary Foundation Global Grant to further support the work we began with Water Project for Haiti in the 2013 – 2014 Rotary Year.  Water Project for Haiti manufactures, installs, and services biosand water filters in Haitian home, providing a solution to contaminated water ,which results in cholera and typhoid among Haitian families in the Artibonite Valley, Haiti region.  The 2014 – 2015 Rotary year was spent doing Rotary Water presentations in a variety of venues, including other Rotary Clubs throughout Rotary District 7390, church groups, and other community and service organizations.  We continued to build relationships with staff from Water Project for Haiti, leadership from the Rotary Club of Verrettes, Haiti, and developed significant networking and collaborative relationships which are bringing specific, water-related expertise to the current Global Grant.   Grant-related information required by the Rotary International Foundation was compiled and submitted to the Rotary District 7390 Grant Committee.  Many generous donations were received throughout the year and our Global Grant has been fully funded.  We are planning another mission trip to Haiti in which we anticipate doing field-testing of water sources and outputs and helping Water Project for Haiti to expand and grow their work.

Resource Development Committee     Una Martone, Chair

Paint Party   - February 23, 2015
Rotary Club of Harrisburg President Karen Snider and Past President Una Martone invited the ladies of Club #23 to uncork their creativity for a great cause at Harvest Seasonal Grill at the Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace! “Fireworks over City Island.”  was the artwork instruction and support by the local team at aMuse Uncorked.  The cost was $100 and $1,650  was raised to benefit the Rotary Club of Harrisburg’s Dominican Republic Dental Project. 

Kiss A Pig   - May 4, 2015
Members of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg agreed to KISS A PIG in the name of Rotary!  Yes, a live pig, on the snout, in front of a live audience!  “Why would anyone agree to such a thing?” you might ask.  Well, here’s how this little piggy went wee wee wee wee all the way home!

In the tradition of many Rotary clubs across the country, The Rotary Club of Harrisburg has organized a pancake breakfast fundraiser for 16 years.  The event raises a significant amount of money, $30,000 on average, but it relies heavily on club members to purchase tickets AND attend the event to flip & serve the pancakes.  You know the story.   All proceeds from the pancake breakfast, in Harrisburg, are dispersed to the Harrisburg School District as well as a handful of non profit organizations through a grant making “RFP” process.   It’s a great system.

But, members of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg wanted to do more and, wanted to give more attention to international projects.  They knew that the membership couldn’t be tapped for yet another fundraiser.  They needed to look outside of the club for sources of revenue.

Enter Sadie the Pig…

The idea for the Kiss a Pig campaign and event was shared with the club’s Resource Development Committee Chair, Una Martone, who then shared the idea with the club President, Karen Snider and, subsequently the board.  Everyone agreed to give it a try.

The campaign model  was simple…  First, find six people who would agree to raise $2,500 each from their friends and family; co-workers, and social media friends.  The fundraising hook being “how much would you like to see me kiss a pig?”  It worked.  The campaigning was different for each pig kisser.  Some called in favors from their business associates; some depended solely on social media; some did it the old fashioned way and wrote appeal letters to their friends.  Donations came from near and far ~ from Florida to Colorado.  Individual gifts ranged from $10 to $1,000.  The original goal was to raise $15,000 from the six pig kissers.  In the time frame from January 1 to March 31, a little over $13,000 was actually raised.  Not bad for the first roll in the pig pen.

At the same time the pig kissers were schmoozing their friends, the Resource Development Committee was organizing a luncheon event to announce the winner and celebrate the campaign.  An event sponsor at $2,500 was secured to underwrite all expenses.  Thank you to United Concordia Dental for their generosity!

Ticket sales made up the “tail end” of the fundraising.  At the rate of $25 each, members of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg; friends and family of the pig kissers, and, people who just wanted to participate in something new and different descended upon the PA  Farm Show Complex on May 4 to meet  Sadie the Pig and learn the fate of the fearless six!

Sadie was a perfect little lady and showed up at the event with painted toe nails and a studded necklace.  Each pig kisser was puckered up and ready for a smooch!  The winner was revealed.  Larry Bashore, President, Edwin L. Heim Company, raised the most money.  But in true Rotary spirit, Larry and Sadie agreed to be “fair to all concerned” and give all of the fundraisers a chance to pucker up!

All in all, the event raised over $16,000.  Live news coverage on Fox 43 provided a clip of the story in prime time news and on their website.  The social media channels lit up with pictures and video clips of pig kissers with the LIGHT UP ROTARY flag prominently featured on all.

The Rotary Club of Harrisburg plans to apply for a Global Grant to match the funds raised through the Kiss a Pig campaign.  A portion of the monies are earmarked for expansion of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg’s dental mission in the Dominican Republic.
The Club raised a total of $87,679 for a variety of projects;  $15,310 of this total was pass through money for Rotary International and YCDT Fundraising.  In addition the Club benefited from $50,660 from in kind contributions.

Rotary Foundation Dinner November 20, 2014 
We received the Rotary Foundation Award for having the 3rd Highest Total Annual Fund Giving and 3rd highest total in The Rotary Foundation giving in 2013-14.  We also named three heros from our Club – Ali Bach, Karen and James Good.

World Fellowship   Robert J. Hall, Chair 
The Dominican Republic LaPasquala Dental Clinic has a 17-year history and has evolved to the construction of the hospital clinic manned by three doctors, a dentist, a nurse, and a dental technician and that the Government is now in charge with the assistance of the Sanchez Rotary Club and our Club’s yearly mission.  The Temple Dental School has been involved for 9-years. The Peace Corp was involved this year with three volunteers and they handled the educational component of the mission and provided significant translation services to the team.  Dr. Grady and Dr. Arndt have provided support. Delta Dental supplied 1200 toothbrushes that with the impeding Rotary global grant, there should be enough money to provide six portable operatories. Fourteen dentists participated this year, comprised of 10 locals, the three-member Temple team, and Dr. Arndt.