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2011-2012 Report from the President




     THE ROTARY CLUB OF HARRISBURG Report from the President

226 4e1afecb994cfThis year’s successes at our centennial Club are all about you.  You the members, the volunteers, the committee chairs and the leadership of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg – 23rd in all the world.

You have made it possible for YCDT youth to find within themselves their power to be a leader and a community problem solver.  You made it possible for the aging homeless couple to find sources of needed medications through, soon to be repeated, member participation with the Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness.  You have made it possible for our Dominican Republic dental mission to vastly improve the oral health of hundreds of children.  You have given middle school children in our own backyard a voice through writing and submitting their Four-Way Test essays. You have prevented polio from striking youngsters in India and brought the worldwide eradication of polio closer.

Through these outstanding and countless other examples of Service Above Self, you have helped the Club meet and exceed our two other strategic initiatives. Media coverage in print or on television increased the brand awareness of who Rotary is and what Rotary does.  And, you have attracted new members to one of the most dynamic Rotary Clubs in our District 7390 and Rotary International. Your efforts have demonstrated how Rotarians can Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.

It has been such a joy and rewarding experience to serve you as President for this seemingly very short year.  Of course, we all owe our Executive Director, Linda Freedenberg, a rousing Rotary applause for making the myriad of details come together for the smooth and effective management and future of our Club.

I encourage every RCH member to continue and expand your service to our Club, our community, our District and the world.  Nowhere can one person make such a difference for so many.  Thank you and see you at that next committee meeting or service project?

Yours in Rotary,
Bob Saline


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2010-2011 Report from the President

Dr. John Judson - Harrisburg RotaryReport from the President

This Rotary year, I have had the privilege to serve as president of the most dedicated and interesting group of people that have ever been in my life - the Rotary Club of Harrisburg. I have been continually impressed with the contributions of our members not only to the work of our club but also to their communities.  A very exciting and busy year began with the three pillars of our strategic plan – Service, Membership, and Branding and ended with varied definitions of advance in all three areas.

Local and international service is documented in the following Pancake Breakfast, Youth Community Development Team, Salvation Army bell ringing, and Dominican Republic mission reports.  Additional service opportunities included hosting the Homeless Shelter for ten days in January, participating in the Centennial tree planting, and hosting a Red Cross Blood donation day on April 11.  The Homeless Shelter project involved 21 Rotarians and has led our club to plan expanded homeless support in the coming Rotary year.  Global service was also supported with an unprecedented addition of 46 Paul Harris Fellowships in February.

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2009-2010 Report from the President

Carolyn DumeresqWhat a wonderful year of challenges!  We had programs that challenged our thinking and venues that challenged our spacial relations and agenda time changes that challenged our flexibility!  And as usual Rotarians rose to the challenge.

Rising to the challenge isn’t a new concept for our club.  We stretched our already impressive support for international programs by initiating a water program for Honduras.  We exceeded our goals for the Pancake Breakfast which helped to increase our support to High School students attending schools in Harrisburg. Our list of other community service efforts are impressive as well which you can find in the reports below.

We struggled this year in maintaining our membership.  Plagued by deaths, job loss and transfers our attrition numbers exceeded our new member numbers.  I am certain that, with the quality work done in our strategic planning process and with the focus and support of our new officer team and Board, we will be able to achieve our goals for membership next year.

A few well deserved thank yous to my mentor Janice Black, my alter ego Bob Hostetter and my right and left arms Linda Freedenberg.   A final thank you to the members of our club for all of your kind words, support and positive energy as I served you and our club this past year.

Caroyln Dumaresq

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2008-2009 Report from the President

218 4d87b2f1c09b2Dear Fellow Rotarians,

The results of the past year assuredly reflect not only The Rotary Club of Harrisburg's commitment to serving our Harrisburg community but also to serving internationally, as well. Your efforts put forth changed lives for the better, recognized accomplishments, and provided encouragement to those in need. This reality is the ultimate goal to be achieved at the end of any endeavor. This reality is the essence of Rotary, our foundation being Service Above Self and the Four Way Test. Collectively, we continued and achieved our commitment to having meaningful, organized, and purposeful meetings while strengthening our existing relationships. We have had the fortunate pleasure of beginning new friendships with those who recently chose to become Rotarians.   I commend you for being, by our collective actions and outcomes, in a category larger than being just a member of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg; I commend you for being a Rotarian.

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2007-2008 Report from the President


Thomas Carrie WisslerDear Fellow Rotarians,

What an extraordinary year this has been! I cannot believe that it’s almost an entire year since I stood before you to be installed as Club President by Past-District-Governor Janice Black! The year has flown by....

I knew when I began my term that our Club was blessed by many committed members, but serving as President has made me far more aware of this fact. Nowhere have I encountered such hard-working members of a volunteer organization, anywhere. The Rotary Club of Harrisburg has around 40 committees, but they work smoothly and independently, with the able support of our stellar Executive Director Linda Freedenberg. Linda truly provides the continuity our Club needs to ensure our success.

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