Beth A. Twiss Houting Senior Director of Programs and Services Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Start Date: Monday, October 16, 2017 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Topic:  "THANKS KING CHARLES II AND WILLIAM PENN: Bill's Incredible Land Grab'"!          


One afternoon at the the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, the VP for programs was going through some dusty old drawers in the magnificent old building in Philadelphia.  She opened one and said, "hmmmmm, what is this?" To her amazement and surprise it was the ACTUAL letter that King Charles ll wrote to William Penn granting him the land, the place where we all live!  Your Program CZAR thought this to be extraordinary and thus I invited Beth to come and tell us all about it.  There will be her sharing of this amazing discovery and some visuals to accompany.  She will be driving up from Philly to tell us about it and I hope you will find it intriguing as do I! A little different!!! 

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