Joe McNally, a Water Resource Engineer and a Rotarian from the West Shore Rotary Club will be examining the existing, but currently inoperable water system in the Village of LaPascuala, in addition he will meet with the City of Sanchez to discuss long term solutions to their existing water systems.

Dr. Nicole Quezada a dentist from Wellsboro, Pa. currently Secretary of the Pa. Dental Association will travel with us to provide dental services an determine the potential for expansion of the annual dental project to include a second mission each year.

The U.S. Peace Corp is currently providing five Peace Corp volunteers to deal with expanding dental education in the region, during and after the completion of this years project.

The Project has been approved for a Rotary Grant to purchase portable equipment, we hope to have the equipment in the near future. This will allow greater access to small schools and improved access to treatment.

Delta Dental's support of this project has been incredibly valuable as we treat growing numbers of patients. Delta Dental has provided more than 10,000 toothbrushes, which were gratefully received by our patients. It seems hard to conceive of the fact that the average family in the Village of LaPascuala, and the City of Sanchez have an income of less than $100.00 per month. People in this region can not afford treatment and do not visit a dentist unless their discomfort prevents them from performing their daily functions.

However, results have been gratifying, in the 2015 project year we provided services to more the 543 children and 276 adults. Our records indicate that we are treating more patients each year, the increase coming primarily from our locations in the schools, The project emphasis on improved dental health with a increased focus on children, through education and application of modern sealants, has dramatically reduced the need for extractions.

The families in our service area have learned that good health occurs through the implementation of preventative procedures and produce happy and healthy children.

Written by Bob Hall. Pictures are from last year's project: Rotarians Ryan Riley with Bob Hostetter, patients waiting at the Clinic and Rotarians Bob Chamberlain and Ryan Riley

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