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You may think Harrisburg Senators General Manager Randy Whitaker’s job is all about the sport of baseball, but he readily admits his role is really about the off-field entertainment happening during the games.

Starting his 10th year as the Senator’s GM, Whitaker spoke at the March 20, 2017, Rotary Club of Harrisburg lunch at the Harrisburg Hilton and estimated about 90 percent of people coming to the game are there for the overall experience – and many leave not even knowing who won!

But as long as they exit with a smile on their face and having enjoyed themselves, then Whitaker has done his job.

For those unfamiliar with Senators baseball, promotions abound, such as Wet Nose Wednesdays (dogs welcome to attend the game), Thirsty Thursday beer specials and Fireworks Fridays and more (go here to view all the game promotions:

The Senators also do a lot for charity. Whitaker estimated over the past six years they’ve raised $500,000 in either cash or in-kind promotional services – and he said many charities say the recognition they receive when highlighted at a game is better than money.

“We’re a small business with a big profile,’’ Whitaker says, adding that the team only has a full-time staff of 19, which balloons to 200 during the season. The small staff means Whitaker does a bit of everything -- –om directing traffic before and after games with a Star Wars light saber to helping hang banners in the outfield.

Whitaker, who previously worked in television sales, says the GM job “has been an awesome dream that’s come true.’’

And in true Senators style, Whitaker ended his talk with a quick trivia quiz and, of course, tossed T-shirts with opening game tickets to the winners.

Opening day, by the way, is April 6  -- Go Senators!