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2006-2007 Report from the President


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Report from the President

Dear fellow Rotarians –

Thank you for the fantastic honor and privilege of serving as the President of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg. It was a wonderful experience – much more than I had anticipated.

Before my term even started I was exposed to the larger world of Rotary International at the PETS (Presidents – Elect Training Session) Conference. I met District Governors, trainers, and many local Rotarians who provided the tools and contacts for better club management and programs. I also attended the International Convention in Copenhagen with 15,000 other Rotarians from around the world.

What has impressed me the most during the past year is the dedication, enthusiasm, and resources of our own members. I am amazed and thankful that when there was something to be done members would commit themselves 110%. We set new highs in fundraising for the pancake breakfast (benefiting the Harrisburg School District) and bell ringing (for the Salvation Army), increased our membership, enhanced our public relations, developed our new website, and much, much more!

I also want to thank our Executive Director Linda Freedenberg. Linda’s organization and commitment make our club as great as it is. The Rotary Club of Harrisburg is a terrific club, but we can definitely be better and we will be with all your contributions. I am proud to have served as your President. Thank you all for your support, encouragement and cooperation.


Garry Brinton, President

    William B. Boyd
    Janice R. Black
  • President:
    E. Garrett Brinton
  • President-elect:
    Carrie N. Wissler Thomas
  • Treasurer:
    Charles R. Conner/William B. Boles
  • Secretary:
    Carolyn Dumaresq
  • Sergeant-at-Arms:
    Alfred W. Baker
  • Club Service Chair:
    Alfred W. Baker
  • Community Service Chair:
    J. Michael Love
  • International Service Chair:
    John P. Judson
  • Vocational Service Chair:
    Jeffrey R. Boswell
  • Immediate Past President:
    Jewel Cooper
  • Executive Director
    Linda M. Freedenberg

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