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Pictured with President Sam Levine, we honor students and teachers from Harrisburg High, SciTech and Steelton-Highspire High Schools with a certificate and $25 gift card.Students and Teachers 10.30.17

Barry Ramper II speaks on "SOMETHING WE ALL MUST FACE: Where and How We Will Live When Aged".

Beware: Without a plan, others will make your healthcare choices for you   rsz rsz levine and ramper

The question was deceptively simple: Who do you trust the most when it comes to making decisions about your life? Your spouse? Children? Best friend?

In reality, it’s the person driving toward you in the opposite traffic lane, suggested Barry S. Ramper II, President and CEO of Homeland Center. “You’re trusting they won’t suddenly swerve into you – because if they do, your life could change in potentially dramatic and permanent ways.’’

Ramper used that unsettling example to underscore the need for individuals to plan how they want to be cared for should it become necessary. He also stressed that given life’s unpredictability, people shouldn’t wait until they are in their later years to make these important decisions.

“The reality is that we are not better prepared today than we were 35 or 40 years ago,’’ Ramper said during his talk at the Rotary Club of Harrisburg in June. “I still receive calls from family members that a loved one has entered the hospital and they need skilled nursing care and they have no preparation.’’

Pictured: President-elect Sam Levine and Past President Barry Ramper II President/CEO Homeland Center, Homeland Hospice, Homeland HomeCare, Homeland HomeHealth

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2017 Community Service Award

rsz csa hungerford

Betty C. Hungerford receives the Rotary Club of Harrisburg's 2017 Community Service Award at the Rotary meeting on Monday, May 22nd.

Pictured: President J. Stephen Feinour and Betty C. Hungerford.

rsz csaPresident Steve with past CSA awardees. 

Pictured - Front Row: Marion Alexander, Richard Utley, Betty Hungerford, Peggy Grove and Bob Hostetter.

Back Row: Andy Rebuck, Bill Murray, John Judson, Joan Prescott, Tom Johnston, Ginny Roth and Jeff Boswell.



Past Rotary Club of Harrisburg President Karen F. Snider honored

Praising her unwavering desire to help her community, members of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg honored former club president Karen F. Snider, who died on Jan. 12. She was 77.

“Nobody in the club more inspired me and humbled me by her accomplishments,’’ said President Stephen J. Feinour during the May 1 lunch at the Harrisburg Hilton. “Karen really set the bar high for service in our community.’

Pictured from left: U.S. District Court Judge Yvette Kane; Karen Snider’s husband, Jack; Betty Hungerford, immediate past president; President Stephen J. Feinour.

Karen story photo resized for website

U.S. District Court Judge Yvette Kane read the following resolution honoring Karen:


The Rotary Club of Harrisburg is deeply saddened by the loss of Karen F. Snider who passed away on January 12, 2017, at the age of 77. We memorialize Karen by adopting this resolution, recognizing her many professional achievements and tireless service to our club and community.

WHEREAS: Karen F. Snider, born in Reading, Pennsylvania on January 4, 1940, was the oldest of five daughters of The Reverend Howard C. and Margaret Goeringer. In 1961, Karen began a long and happy marriage of 57 years to Jack Snider. She was a devoted mother to sons Kip and Todd, and a devoted grandmother to Francesca, John, and Sophia.

WHEREAS: On graduation from Susquehanna University in 1961 with a degree in social work, Karen embarked upon an iconic career in public service. She steadily rose through the ranks of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare from social worker to Deputy Secretary for Mental Health Services. In 1991, her expertise and leadership were recognized when Governor Robert P. Casey named Karen to his cabinet as Secretary of the Department of Public Welfare. Karen served with distinction, leading one of the largest agencies of state government in the nation, and inspiring many women to follow in public service.

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