YCDT Students Identify Ways to Lead Community Impact

DSCN0531.jpgSchool buses rolled into the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce/CREDC parking area on a bright Veteran’s Day, unloading students prepared to discuss leadership in key community impact areas.  A quick round of introductions by Karen Snider, YCDT Chair and team building exercises lead by Wendell Murray, founder of BARAK Inc. raised awareness of the shared history and interests that individuals have in common in a diverse community.

Una Martone, President of Leadership Harrisburg Area engaged the students in presentation and discussion on the critical community areas which the young leaders identified at their last session.  Each youth leadership team had researched and prepared information on the issues.  The first group shared shocking statistics on violence affecting youth and family in Harrisburg – from street violence to dating violence – identifying the Harrisburg area as one of the most violence areas in the Commonwealth.  The second presentation focused on health issues with concerns presented on youth knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and teen mother issues.  The third youth team provided information on low school success rates in Harrisburg and the need for supportive programs to encourage students to seek additional education after high school. 

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